Sunday, 18 March 2018

Baby Love

Baby Love, don't you just love it when someone tells you they have a new arrival on the way.
It makes me want to rush and grab my needles and some gorgeous baby yarn and start making.
Here are some ideas you like to try to welcome the new baby.

Starting with this adorable baby blanket with an Easter theme.
Pink and grey baby blanket, could be changed to white and grey for gender neutral if you don't know if it is a boy or girl.

           Get the Free Pattern here!

I love this next blanket.
it is a tutorial I must try myself but it looks amazing and great for using up your stash of leftover yarn.

                                                                Get the Free tutorial here

Kerry Jayne Designs have some gorgeous baby patterns for sale, here is one of my favourites

                                                                              Get the link here

For something smaller and cute, how about these bibs and bootees.
 Made in cotton they will last forever.

                                                                      Get the Free pattern here

A simple cute newborn baby hat

                                                                         Pompom hat

That's it! Enough for now.
Just a tiny sample of what you can make for newborns that mams and baby will love.


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